Team Beam

Equilibrium: developed by Team Beam

Team Beam is:
    Michael Grossfeld -
    Ethan Wolfe -
    Ahmed Mouhtaine - 

The Story:

A simpler time. When we weren’t made from machines. A time when the world was flesh and bone and blood, and our own bodies were enough to sustain our lives. The days for us are numbered. Our bodies are made of chrome and steel and our batteries just can’t take the pressure.
It’s not so much that our batteries cannot keep us alive… it’s more that we have no way to replenish them. The charging technology was lost long ago and now everyones’ days are dwindling.
And it’s not like we just gave up the will to live and accepted our fate. We want to continue living! And if other people are definitely going to die soon… why not just take their batteries, right?
Some take the batteries of anyone they come across, always armed and ready to rip the battery out of a person. Others only take from those that have come to grips with their mortality and are ready for the end.
I’m in that latter camp. We tend to be the minority out there, only scavenging on those that have either taken the matter of their remaining days into their own hands or have just accepted their fate and donated their battery to our prolonged existence.
It’s far safer than being armed to the teeth. When the charging technology was lost, so was the ability to recharge our weaponry. The only available option, if you want to safe, is to use your own battery to power your weaponry. It’s dangerous preserving life.
I’m a shoot only when attacked. It’s not that I don’t want prevent damage… it’s that I’d rather not harm others that I think may attack and be proven wrong. There are those that are just living out their days and doing the same and there is no need to spill innocent charges.
Less populated out there recently. Securing charge is starting to become more difficult than usual. I may actually be seeing my end of days soon. But rumblings have been passed through the living of a brotherhood being formed. If that’s the case, it’s soon going to become a kill or be killed much sooner than anticipated fight out there. I don’t have much on reserve, so it’ll soon be it for me.
If at some point, in the future, someone stumbles upon this, I may still be alive, fighting to stay charged. Or I might have already passed. Who can tell the future with only limited power?
Watch your own back. Don’t shoot first. Take only from the willing.
It’s a powerless world.